Cairns Man Catches 30kg Barramundi With His Bare Hands

Here is a heck of a fish tale for everyone:

THE fishing has improved in the inland community of Mutchilba – this resident grabbed a 30kg barra from a drain with his bare hands.

The Cairns Post reports baker Tony Bambino was driving home on Saturday when he spotted a 30kg barramundi swimming in the Sunwater irrigation channel.

“It was about 4pm in the arvo and I saw something shiny in the water,” he said.

“Once I realised what it was, I grabbed it by the mouth with my hands.

“It took about 10-15 minutes to catch it and the hardest part was pulling it out of the channel and into the back of my ute.”

Mr Bambino said the “massive” barra must have swum into the area before the fish trap was built at Walkamin.  [Cairns Post]

When I lived in Australia I really liked eating barramundi, which is a fish that Australians just have a passion fishing for.

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Queenslanders Want Government to Limit Population Growth

Good luck with this because stopping the explosive growth in southeast Queensland is going to be a tough task:

RESULTS from a Galaxy poll suggest that 60 per cent of Queenslanders want the Government to take steps to limit the state’s southeast population growth explosion.

A similar proportion say forecasts of six million southeast Queenslanders by 2050 would be too many.

As the State Government prepares to beef up its population policy credentials, some mayors are protesting that growth is too far ahead of the transport system’s ability to cope, The Courier-Mail reports.

Allan Sutherland, the Mayor of the Moreton Bay region, which is expected to absorb an extra 84,000 new homes over the next 20 years, said infrastructure was needed to accommodate growth.

“You can’t just keep jamming terracotta roofs all over the place and not improve your transport system,” he said.

The poll found that 59 per cent of those surveyed were in favour of the Government working to limit the region’s population growth.  [The Courier-Mail]

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Monster Shark Feeds On Dead Whale Off Queensland Coast

It looks like this shark is having a feast for himself over in Queensland:

Whale carcasses left to rot in south-east Queensland’s Moreton Bay could be attracting a monster shark believed to be lurking in the area.

A three-metre plus white pointer caught on drum line off Stradbroke Island was found dead and covered in massive bite marks last week.

Queensland Fisheries Minister Tim Mulherin said the bite marks had a radius of 50 centimetres and the distinctive triangular shape of a white pointer.

“The experts believe it would have taken a white pointer at least five metres long to cause this kind of damage,” he said.  [ABC News]

You might want to wait for a few weeks before swimming in this area.  ;-)

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Queensland Woman Accused of Cutting Baby In Half

This is just incrediblly cruel:

A woman accused of drowning a newborn baby before cutting it in half has faced a committal hearing in far north Queensland.

Violet Flora Evans, 52, today faced Cairns Magistrates Court charged with murder, concealing a birth and interfering with a corpse.

The baby’s severed torso was found on a Mooroobool driveway on May 4, 1996.

It is alleged the baby was drowned, cut in half and buried, before dogs dragged the dismembered body to the driveway.

Evans was charged last August after new information became available through DNA technology and a public tip-off.  [9 News]

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Picture of the Day: On the Beach at the Whitsundays

Nari’s Beach is an island idyll.

Via Australian Geographic.

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Picture of the Day: Whitsundays Best

With mangroves to the north, fringing coral reefs and a secluded campsite that ­accommodates just 12 people a night, Hook Island’s Crayfish Beach is a golden spot for camping.

Via Australian Geographic.

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Great Barrier Reef Named Queensland’s Great Icon

Queensland has many great icons, but I think that is pretty obvious that there is nothing more representative of Queensland than the Great Barrier Reef:

THE Great Barrier Reef has topped the list of
150 Queensland icons nominated by Queenslanders as the State celebrates
its 150th birthday.

The reef joins Queensland’s sporting greats Wally Lewis, Dick Johnson, Susie O’Neill and Cathy Freeman on the list.

To the surprise of some, Labor Premier Anna Bligh also announced that former Nationals premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen – the State’s longest serving leader – was also a Queensland icon.

However, former Labor premier Peter Beattie did not make the cut.

Long considered a cultural backwater, Queenslanders named as icons
include novelist David Malouf, recent Tony Award winner Geoffrey Rush,
Aboriginal poet Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker) and rocker Billy Thorpe.   [AAP]

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Queensland Town Invaded By Giant Bird Eating Spiders

You can always count on Queensland for a good giant spider story:

GIANT spiders have invaded the North Queensland city of Bowen.

For about six weeks, residents have reported seeing huge bird-eating spiders crawling around their backyards and gardens.

Amalgamated Pest Control Bowen pest technician Audy Geiszler took a photo showing the size of one of the spiders he caught wandering across the garden of a restaurant near the town’s centre.

Mr Geiszler estimated its body alone was 5cm long, a specimen declared “especially large” by the Queensland Museum.

Most grow to be the size of a man’s hand.

“It was found in a public area, just wandering around the garden areas. It’s a bit scary for the people,” Mr Geiszler said.

While at this stage there had only been about five sightings of the giant spiders, Mr Geiszler said it was unusual to see that many in such a short period.

“Normally they live in and around gardens and that type of thing,” he said.

“They are very shy. They normally never venture out too far but obviously these ones have been flushed out for some reason.

“It’s more than enough to scare a few people. It’s not plague proportions or anything.

“That in itself is unusual because you don’t normally see these species out in the open.” To read more go to The Townsville Bulletin.  []

This is actually not the first time a story about giant Queensland spiders has been published.  This story actually has a picture of the spider eating a bird.

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Picture of the Day: View Over Daintree National Park

World Heritage Listed, Daintree National Forest is home to over 18,000 known plant species, and some trees in the park date to over 2,500 years old. It’s quite possible that within your first 100 meters of setting foot in the park you’ll have already passed by more species of tree than exist in all of the mainland of the United States and Canada combined.

You can read more about Daintree here

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Picture of the Day: Queensland Butterflies

The Butterfly Effect

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