Melbourne “Sex Slave Teacher” Pleads Not Guilty

The trial of Melbourne’s infamous “Sex Slave Teacher” that I have covered here before, continues in Melbourne:

Melbourne high school science teacher Nazira Rafei, 26, is charged with sexual penetration of a child under 16 and four of committing an indecent act with a child under 16.

It is alleged the acts occurred at Roxburgh Park, in Melbourne’s outer-north, in February and March this year.

Ms Rafei had a committal hearing in Melbourne Magistrates Court today where she pleaded not guilty.

Police alleged the relationship began in February when the pair exchanged romantic songs.

On one occasion, the student allegedly climbed out of his bedroom window, got into Ms Rafei’s car and they parked at a secluded spot.

Court documents said that while in the car, the teacher instructed the boy to “treat me like I’m your sex slave, abuse me, tell me to shut the f— up and to pinch … my nipples”.  [AAP]

She is also alleged to have threatened to stuff up the students grades if he didn’t continue to have sex with him.  Considering the kid was 15 years old and having sex with his teacher, his grades were probably the least of his worries.

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Victim Made Distress Call During the Rape & Murder Incident

More details are coming out concerning the case of a deranged man who committed rape and murder involving four young students:

POLICE came tragically close to saving an 18-year-old woman forced to her death off an Sydney apartment block balcony after they received a Triple-0 telephone call begging: “You need to help me.”

The distress call, made by one of four victims who were allegedly subjected to an hour-long rape ordeal, was received 25 minutes before the girl died.

But although police went straight to the units at Waterloo they were unable to locate the apartment the call came from.

A Redfern police crew arrived at the building at the corner of McEvoy and Hunter Sts five minutes after the call at 1.20pm on Sunday, October 26.

Triple-0 operators had traced the phone number to the block, but when the officers arrived they found hundreds of apartments and were unable to find the person who had made the call.

They reported they were unable to hear screaming and the dispatcher tried calling the number but reached an answering machine.

The officers left the block at 1.30pm. But just 10 minutes later Triple-0 received a flurry of calls alerting police and ambulance officers that the 18-year-old student had fallen 25m.  [The Daily Telegraph]

I don’t know what the 000 capabilities in Australia are but it seems like they would have the technology to trace the phone call to determine where it came from.

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Man Attacked with Samurai Sword to Steal Cell Phone

It is unbelievable that some is willing to injure and maim someone else simply to steal his cell phone:

A WEST Australian man has been charged after allegedly chopping off another man’s finger with a samurai sword.

Police said a 24-year-old man had been charged over an attack in a park at Mandurah, south of Perth, last month.

A 22-year-old man lost a finger from his left hand when he was struck by a samurai sword, police spokesman Ian Hasleby said.

“The victim told Peel detectives he was sitting on a park bench around 6pm (WST) when he was approached by the offender, who produced a samurai sword and swung the weapon, striking his hand,” Mr Hasleby said.

“He allegedly punched the 22-year-old Mandurah man to the mouth and stole his phone and left.

“The injured man was admitted to hospital and doctors were unable to reattach his finger.”

The 24-year-old was charged by detectives yesterday with grievous bodily harm and stealing.

He will appear in the Mandurah Magistrates Court on Friday.  [AAP]

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Boyfriend & Girlfriend Raped By Deranged Man

There are some seriously sick and disturbed people in the world and Australia is not immune from this:

COURT papers have revealed the allegations against the man arrested for the rape and murder of a Chinese student in her flat on Sunday.

Brendan David Dennison is charged with a total of 21 offences over the incident, which started at 12.30pm in the third-floor apartment in Sydney’s Waterloo and lasted 70 minutes.

The charges relate to an incident in which an 18-year-old woman died after falling 25m from the unit balcony.

She was one of four Asian students who allegedly suffered at the hands of a knife-wielding predator, before two of them fell from a balcony.

Her boyfriend, a 19-year-old Korean man, suffered serious spinal injuries and multiple broken bones in the fall.

Central Local Court today heard Mr Dennison, 26, of no fixed address, allegedly raped the girl – who later died – three times before raping her boyfriend twice.

He also allegedly committed an obscene oral act on the boyfriend.  []

I think this is the first time I have ever even heard of a sexual assault against both a male and a female all in the same incident.  This is a really tragic situation and hopefully this rapist and killer will never leave an Australian jail for the rest of his life.

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Violence in the Melbourne CBD Continues

Just another example of why my wife and I do not go out at night in downtown Melbourne:

A MAN has died and another suffered horrific cuts after the latest round of violence in city venues yesterday.

A man partying at the QBH nightclub in Southbank was punched and suffered a heart attack when he fell to the floor about 2.30am.

Moments earlier he had argued with another man in the Queensbridge St venue’s smoking area.

Police said the 24-year-old, from Cranbourne, was still being attacked on the ground when security staff intervened.

The man was taken to The Alfred hospital where he died last night.

A 20-year-old, from Roxburgh Park, and a Coolaroo man, 18, were interviewed by detectives and released.

Investigators will talk to witnesses.

In a second violent incident, a Kealba man’s jugular was severed after he was slashed with a glass at The Loft nightclub in Lonsdale St.

He was rushed to hospital in a critical condition with severe blood loss.

Some of the 500 people at the venue were sprayed with blood in the horrifying attack.  [Herald-Sun]

The political opposition is demanding more police to be deployed on the streets because the current government’s prior implementation of the alcopops tax and the 2AM bar lockout have done nothing to stop the violence that has been plaguing downtown Melbourne.

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Melbourne Teacher Wanted Student to Treat Her As A “Sex Slave”

If people think weird behavior between teachers and students only happens in the US, let me tell you it happens plenty here in Australia as well:

A MELBOURNE female teacher charged with sexually penetrating a 15-year-old student urged the boy to treat her like a sex slave, court documents show.

Nazira Rafei, 25, who is a teacher at a Melbourne high school, is charged with one count of sexually penetrating a child under 16 and four counts of an indecent act with a child under 16.

She is also charged with trying to conceal the relationship by making an unwarranted demand on the boy.

During a brief filing hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court today, her lawyer, Steve Pica, indicated Rafei would plead not guilty.

“This case is likely to attract a fair degree of media attention,” Mr Pica told the court. [AAP]

This case isn’t really getting too much media attention really other then minor blurbs in the news unlike the US where it seems like these teacher sex scandals always make big headlines.

Anyway here is a picture of Nazira Rafei for those who are curious which I know some of you out there reading this are:


You can read more here from the Herald-Sun.


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