On Walkabout Video: From the Summit of Mt Buller, Victoria

Here is a video from the 1,805 meter summit of Australia’s Mt. Buller:

You can read more about my visit to Mt. Buller here.

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Are Australian Men Really the World’s Worst Husbands?

Make of this what you will but I have a hard time believing this:

AUSTRALIAN men make the worst husbands in the world because they loathe helping out with the housework, a British study claims.

An economist from Oxford University found that women wanting to settle down were better off finding a bloke from Scandinavia, the US or Britain than Australia.

Study author Dr Almudena Sevilla-Sanz said that based on her study of 12 developed countries, men and women were both more likely to cohabit or marry if they believed their partner would help out with the household chores and childcare.

But it appears that when it comes to finding a husband willing to help out, Australian women have a tough time.

Dr Sevilla-Sanz’s study ranked Australia as the least egalitarian society, making its men unattractive marriage partners because they were more unlikely to do household chores.

Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, the US and Northern Ireland were judged to be the most egalitarian countries, making their men the most attractive marriage partners.  [AAP]

How can you call Australian men the world’s worst husbands when only 12 nations were surveyed?  These survey results actually even made the news here in the US and of course nothing was said about only 12 countries being surveyed.

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On Walkabout Video: On the Summit of Mt. Bogong, Victoria

Here is a short 360 degree video from the 1,986 meter summit of the tallest mountain in the Australian state of Victoria, Mt. Bogong:

You can read about my bushwalking trip to the summit of Mt. Bogong here.

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Can A Stripper Rape Someone?

I guess so:

A BUCK’S night reveller began scuffling with a stripper after she asked him if he liked what she had just done to him, a court has heard.

It is alleged the stripper, Linda Maree Naggs, had sexually assaulted him with a sex toy. Ms Naggs, 40, is charged with raping the best man during her performance at the party on the Mornington Peninsula in September 2007.

The buck’s brother, who had a front row seat for the performance, said the best man, who was naked and on all fours, suddenly became angry and pushed the stripper away.

“Something had happened that upset him,” the buck’s brother told the Victorian County Court.

“I heard her say to him, ‘Did you enjoy it?’.”

The brother said he then intervened because he feared the best man “might do something silly”.

He admitted he initially laughed when the best man said he had been “violated” by the stripper.

Naggs, of Rosebud West, has pleaded not guilty to one count of rape.

The trial before Judge Tim Wood continues.  [AAP]

Talk about something to always remember your batchelor’s party with, the best man getting raped by a stripper.  I don’t think anything can top that.

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What Australian Men Think

Do you have an Australian boyfriend and do you ever wonder what is on his mind?  Well wait no longer because the truth has come out:

THE majority of Australian men can’t get no satisfaction, but for many it may be due to their own shortcomings with half saying they would like a larger penis.

The modern Aussie bloke is a fickle beast with a survey showing that while many men appear to be embracing traditional values, they also harbour thoughts of infidelity and would dump their girlfriend if she put on too much weight.

The survey by online magazine AskMen.com found that 46 per cent of Australian males believe that being a good father or husband that takes care of his family is what makes a man “manly”.

They are a sensitive lot too with 94 per cent of the 1500 Australian men taking part in the global survey saying it’s okay for men to cry.

More than half (58 per cent) lamented a decline in moral standards in business and more than 70 per cent believe in the institution of marriage.

But while it appears there has been a re-emergence of traditional values, 69 per cent of men also fantasise about sleeping with their partner’s friends, and 44 per cent admit they would dump their girlfriend if she became fat.  [AAP]

Click the link to read the article, but I am curious to what the same survey would find with American men?

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Lesbians Win Right To Women Only Parties in Australia

Australian lesbians have won the right to have women only parties Down Under:

A PARTY company specialising in dances for lesbians and bisexual women has won the legal right to ban men.

Pinkalicious was given the green light to stop men because they might pester women for sex.

Director Julie MacKenzie hailed the VCAT decision a landmark, saying it made Pinkalicious the only women-only party in Australia, the Herald Sun reports.

Ms MacKenzie complained to the tribunal she couldn’t stop men attending the parties “even if I know they intend to hit on women”.

Fellow organiser Samantha Stevens argued men should be banned because they would be intimidating and deter lesbian and bisexual patrons.

“In my experience feminine lesbians are often the target of heterosexual male fantasy, and therefore subject to more intrusive attention from them,” Ms Stevens said.

“It is a major concern that heterosexual males will attend the Pinkalicious event in the hope they can achieve their desire for a sexual experience with multiple women.”  [Herald-Sun]

Personally I have no problems with lesbians wanting women only parties, but what I am wondering is what would the reaction be if a party organizer wanted to discriminate not on gender, but on race?

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Australian Expats Among the Richest in the World

So says this survey from HSBC Bank Australia:

AUSTRALIAN expatriates are among the richest in the world, with one in five earning more than $US250,000 ($322,000) a year.

But almost a third are planning to return home, blaming global economic turmoil for limiting their career prospects.

Research by HSBC Bank Australia, based on a survey of 3100 expats working in 50 countries, found Australians working overseas are living the good life, whereas foreign expats working in Australia have the lowest salaries of all the countries surveyed.

Almost half, or 46 per cent, of Australian expats have an extra $US4000 or so in disposable income each month and have hired help such as nannies or cleaners.

However, foreign expats in Australia are the poorest of those surveyed, with 63 per cent earning less than $US100,000 a year.

Graham Heunis, the head of personal finance services at HSBC Australia, said expats in Russia, Asia and the Middle East were the highest paid, with those in Belgium and Australia the poorest. [Herald-Sun]

When I was an expat in Australia I can assure you that I wasn’t making over $100,000 a year that’s for sure.  Good on ya if you can make that kind of money though even if you have to live overseas.

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Small Tornado Hits South Australia

A small tornado wreaked some havoc during an Aussie Rules Football game in South Australia:

A MINI-tornado has wreaked havoc on a suburban Aussie rules football ground in South Australia, pelting players with debris as it picked up cars and tore apart buildings, the Sunday Mail reports.

Several players were taken to hospital after sheet metal and debris from a glasshouse showered the Port Noarlunga oval, 30km south of  Adelaide.

The storm hit in the early afternoon as the Port Noarlunga versus Reynella match approached half time.

Up to a dozen cars were towed from the ground after they were pushed across the ground by fierce winds and battered by metal from nearby buildings.

Port Noarlunga Football Club runner Todd Stokes said it will be several weeks before the ground can be used again. [Sunday Mail]

Tornadoes are rare in Australia but this is actually the 2nd time in two years that a tornado has struck South Australia.

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Which Australian Workers Has the Most Sex?

You won’t believe the answer:

AS SEXY workers go, the humble butcher doesn’t immediately jump to mind.

But a recent survey of Australian workers has revealed that butchers are the happiest employees in the workforce - and they’re having the most sex, The Daily Telegraph reports.

A Galaxy poll of consumers, which rated the perceived happiness and job satisfaction of a range of professionals, ranked butchers as the most friendly and contented.

Thirty per cent of consumers perceived butchers as happy with their jobs - a figure confirmed by 76 per cent of butchers surveyed who reported feeling healthier, laughing more at work and having more sex than other workers interviewed.

Service station attendants, bank tellers and sandwich hands featured at the lower end of the survey, with less than 10 per cent of consumers perceiving them as happy at work.

Butchers are having 60 per cent more sex than other workers.

More than half the 295 butchers surveyed had no sick leave last year and 60 per cent described their work as fun.  [The Australian]

Judging by the butchers I see over at the Victoria Market in Melbourne is sure doesn’t appear those guys are having as much fun as this article claims.

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Picture of the Day: Becoming an Australian Citizen

Australian citizens … Brisbane Lord Mayor Frank Roberts guides men and women who took the oath of citizenship at City Hall, Brisbane, on June 9, 1954. Picture: The Courier-Mail Photo Archive.

You can view more pictures here.

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