Goood Samaritan Brings Missing Albuquerque Cat Back From Chicago

Here is a nice story coming out of New Mexico:

No one knows how a tabby cat named Charles traveled the 1,300 miles from his New Mexico home to Chicago, but he’s set for a complimentary flight home on American Airlines in a carrier donated by an Albuquerque business.Charles disappeared about eight months ago while his owner was out of town and a friend was caring for him.

“Oh, I was crushed, and I found out while I was away volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, and I was so upset because I was in New Orleans so there was nothing I could do,” said Robin Alex, of Albuquerque.

Then earlier this week, Alex received a call telling her Chicago Animal Care and Control had picked up her wandering cat as a stray. Staffers reached out to Alex after finding that Charles had a tracking microchip embedded between his shoulder blades, said the agency’s executive director, Cherie Travis.

But Alex said she could not afford the round-trip ticket to Chicago to bring Charles home, so she was afraid he might be euthanized.

Enter fellow Albuquerque resident Lucien Sims. Sims said he has a tabby cat who strongly resembles Charles, and was moved when his mother sent him an online story about Alex and her pet.  [Associated Press]

Click to link to read the rest of how this good samaritan brought this cat back home to New Mexico.

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Corey Worthington May Lose Acting Gig Due to Criminal Complaint

Here is a guy I haven’t heard much about lately who rocketed to fame in Australia as a “party pest” and now is trying to make a US debut:

PARTY pest Corey Worthington has allegedly failed to curb his wild ways, charged with smashing a former friend’s car.

Chris Oscuro, 19, alleges Worthington spat on his car and attacked it with a bed post outside his Cranbourne West house in March.

The mechanic told the Herald Sun he believed Worthington was now worried the criminal damages charge would jeopardise his dreams of Hollywood stardom.

Worthington has reportedly won a role in a US film, Life in the Fastlane, due to start filming later this year.

Worthington appeared at Frankston Magistrates’ Court yesterday sporting a black hairdo instead of his trademark bleached blond mop, to have the case adjourned.

Frankston detectives were waiting for him at the court and questioned him over another matter for several hours as part of a continuing investigation. No charges have been laid in relation to that investigation.

Mr Oscuro said he and Worthington fell out over a girl last year after becoming friends before his infamous 2008 party, which grabbed international headlines.  [Herald-Sun]

Worthington has been out of work ever since his 15 minutes of fame ended and now it appears he has actually found work and may lose it due to his stupidity.

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It Is Now A Fact, Women Drive Better Than Men

If anyone doubts this claim well than read this article and judge for yourself:

FINALLY the age-old myth has been busted: women are better drivers than men. There’s no argument. And the gap between the two is widening. The latest crash statistics from the RTA show men are four times more likely to be behind the wheel in a fatal accident than women.

In 2009 there were 469 men controlling vehicles involved in fatal crashes, which was up 2.3 per cent on the previous three-year average.

Women, on the other hand, are improving, with 118 of the opposite sex behind the wheel of a vehicle involved in a fatal accident last year – a decline of almost two per cent from 2006-08.

Across all crashes the news is even worse for men. Of all the prangs in 2008 – a staggering 73,669 in NSW – men were driving in 45,329 of the accidents.

At the latest count by the RTA, there were about the same number of licences held by both sexes, with 2.8 million male drivers and 2.3 million women.

“It is about being careful. Women are better drivers because they are more cautious,” said high performance driving instructor Amy Boatwright.  [The Daily Telegraph]

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Did the Right Person Win Survivor Samoa?

Did anyone see Survivor Samoa?  The winner was the 26 year old Natalie White who is obviously quite a nice person, which paid off in the finals because without a doubt her co-finalist Russell was the better player, but made too many enemies to win a vote against Natalie.

What is interesting though is that Russell won the fan favorite voting and the $100,000 prize that comes with that and on the USA Today site he is winning the voting there as well as the most deserving winner of Survivor.  Personally I think we haven’t seen the last of Russell because the next Survivor beginning in February is a Heroes Vs. Villians show composed of past Survivor participants.  I think for sure that Russell will be asked to participate on the villians team.  Hopefully he agrees because he was pretty funny to watch this year.

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Mile High Flight Attendant Lisa Cherie Robertson Pleads Guilty to Hiding Money

Here is yet another update in the continuing pathetic story that is the Mile High Flight Attendant:

A FORMER airline flight attendant who infamously had “mile-high” sex with actor Ralph Fiennes in a Qantas toilet hid a $201,000 windfall she made for selling her kiss-and-tell story to a British tabloid and 60 Minutes.

Sacked stewardess, ex-undercover policewoman, onetime call-girl and undischarged bankrupt, Lisa Cherie Robertson, wiped away tears after pleading guilty yesterday to concealing the funds from trustees who were chasing her over debts of $460,000.

Blonde, statuesque and trembling, Robertson faced Melbourne Magistrates’ Court where her “15 minutes of fame” was retold and the court heard she existed now as a “hermit trying to live down her past”.

Robertson, 41, also pleaded guilty to attempting to leave Australia for a Thai holiday despite a ban on international travel as a bankrupt. She had suffered from depression since disarming another policeman who shot and killed a fellow officer in NSW, defence lawyer Sue Macgregor told the court.

After leaving the force, she sued NSW police but lost the case and was ordered to pay the Crown’s $300,000 legal costs, sending her bankrupt, the court heard.

But after getting paid for her Fiennes sex story in 2007, Robertson put the funds into an international account. Ms Macgregor said she was later conned of the money.

Magistrate Phillip Goldberg, noting Robertson had been warned at the time she sold her story that money from the media deal was to be handed over to the trustee, ordered she be assessed for a community-based order and return to court next Tuesday.  [The Daily Telegraph]

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Australian Super Model Miranda Kerr is the 9th Highest Paid Model in the World

I have never realized how much money super models make:

The first Aussie to join the Victoria’s Secret cast, Miranda Kerr earns $3M per year with big contracts like XOXO clothing. And earlier this year, she lent her legendary dimples to help those affected by the Australian bush fires as a participant in the Australia Unites fundraiser. Miranda’s style is decidedly the girliest on the list. Her pink ruffle dress and Vuitton handbag are just one example.  [Yahoo Shine]

Click the link to see the full Top 10 list, but Miranda Kerr makes chump change when compared to the highest paid model on the list. Still $3 million a year is good money if you can make it.  So good on her.

By the way readers may remember that Miranda is a big advocate of protecting wild koalas which is something I respect about Miranda Kerr.

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More Brits Airbrushing Photos for Posting On Social Networking Sites

I can’t say I have ever done this or even know of anyone doing this:

VAIN British holidaymakers are airbrushing their holiday snaps in a bid to boast on Facebook.

UK photo processing company Snappy Snaps said travellers are boosting boobs, whitening teeth and slimming stomachs to look better, reports The Sun.

In the past year Snappy Snaps are reported to have had a 550 per cent increase in people requesting remedial work on their holiday snaps to make them look more attractive.

Holidaymakers are said to have been paying photo companies such as Snappy Snaps up to $30 or using Photoshop themselves before uploading the altered images on to social networking sites.

“Everyone wants to look their best,” a Snappy Snaps spokesman said.  []

One good thing about this story though, it gives me an excuse to post a picture of chicks in bikinis.  ;-)

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Australian Today Show Reports Fake Jeff Goldblum Death Story In New Zealand

You have to watch this Colbert Report clip that reports on the “death” of Jeff Goldblum because it is just to funny:

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Jeff Goldblum Will Be Missed
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Jeff Goldblum

Richard Wilkins from the Today Show must feel really stupid after getting conned with this story.  You can read more details about how this hoax came about here.

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Chk-Chk-Boom Chick Clare Werbeloff Interviewed By A Current Affair

The Chk-Chk-Boom woman who has become an Internet sensation despite the fact she made up her whole story has as expected been interviewed by A Current Affair:

You can’t tell me that her and Corey Worthington wouldn’t make a great couple?

She says she is proud to be Clare the King’s Cross Bogan, but would you be willing to lie to get your 15 minutes of fame?

[polldaddy poll="1654155"]

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Confirmed: Clare Werbeloff Made Up Shooting Story

The story of the girl that “witnessed” a shooting in Sydney’s Kings Cross neighborhood and became an Internet star has now gotten even stranger as it has been confirmed that she made the whole story up:

INTERNET sensation Clare Werbeloff, instantly famous for her
eyewitness account of a shooting in Sydney’s Kings Cross last weekend,
has admitted she fabricated the story.

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal the 19-year-old told investigating police that she “made the whole thing up”.

“We’ve spoken to her, but she’s not a witness to the shooting,” a senior Kings Cross officer said.

“She’s told police that she didn’t actually see it.”

In an interview with Channel Nine
immediately after the shooting, Ms Werbeloff gave a vivid account which
was posted on YouTube and attracted more than 200,000 views.

“There were these two wogs fighting,” Ms Werbeloff told Channel Nine.

 ”The fatter wog said to the skinnier wog: ‘Oi bro, you slept with
my cousin’. And the other one said: ‘Nah man, I didn’t for s—, eh’
and the other one goes: ‘I will call on my fully sick boys, eh’. And
then pulled out a gun and went: Chk-chk boom!”

But her detailed eye-witness account was false.

As Ms Werbeloff’s newly hired agent, Adam Abrams, confirmed, “She
was not a witness. She saw the camera, ran over to it and told this

Mr Abrams said Ms Werbeloff had gone into hiding after having media camped outside her home.

She has also signed a contract with Channel Nine’s A Current Affair and is likely to appear tomorrow night - but Mr Abrams denied she has received payment for the interview. []

Without a doubt her and Corey Worthington could definitely hang out. It looks like Justin Kallu was right, this girl really doesn’t have any brains.  Either that or she was drunk when she gave the interview, which is probably a distinct possibility.

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