Natalie Tran Becomes Australia’s Most Watched YouTube Phenomenon

I actually subscribe to Natalie Tran’s YouTube channel, but I am perplexed on why this video is her most viewed one when her prior work is much funnier:

NATALIE Tran is a typical university student with one big difference – she’s one of the most viewed people in the world on YouTube.

The 23-year-old Sydneysider has made it to the list of the 20 most-watched videos of all time on YouTube, and her site has attracted 224 million hits globally.

Her most popular video is “How to fake a six-pack”, a parody of an ad which demonstrated how women could achieve the look of a six-pack by using make-up products.

That video has so far racked up 20 million views and counting.

Her site, Community Channel, online since September 2006, is the most-subscribed YouTube site in Australia and has more than 600,000 viewers. She earns thousands of dollars a month from the ads that run beside her videos.

“Most of them are observational videos. I try to make light of some of the funny situations people face every day,” Ms Tran says of her clips, which she uploads two or three times a week.  [The Sunday Telegraph]

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Picture of the Day: Book of Eli In Carrizozo

Via Duke City Fix.

Carrizozo is a town just up the road from El Paso where parts of the new Denzel Washington movie Book of Eli was filmed.

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