Would You Give Yourself An Enema to Stay Hydrated?

I would have to be near death before I tried something like this:

I like how Bear Grylls says this should be only undertaken as a last resort, no s**t!

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5 Responses to Would You Give Yourself An Enema to Stay Hydrated?

  1. Reanne says:

    I use enemas to hydrate all of the time. it is actually a good way to re hydrate instantly.

  2. macglboalus says:

    Actually enemas do the opposite they dehydrate you. Minerals are absorbed at the large intestine. Having an enema is the same as having liquid diarrhea. It takes hours days for the large intestine to absorb minerals. So if you are going to replenish minerals up your ass you must hold on to whatever mix you are using for no less than 8 hours and, as I remember, it is just about impossible to hold anything delivered as an enema for more than 15 mins.

  3. animal says:

    i use enema’s for sexual application. to be honest, with a bit of training, it is possible to hold enema’s for longer than 15 minutes. my record is 5 hours, but my boyfriend is able to hold it for almost a day. ofcourse, what comes out of it after that day isnt a too pretty sight. you cant really call it diarrhea, but neither solid feces. comparible with horse droppings.

  4. Steven Peterson says:

    I think Mac up there missed the point. Yes plain water enemas will dehydrate you, but aadding salt to an emema (1T per L) creates a normal saline solution and, though not as eeffective as an IV, it works fairly well and was used in hhospitals for decades

  5. Casey says:

    I’m a mountaineer so I need to keep my self hydrated whenever we hike. I fairly used enema to keep myself hydrated and I’m enjoying the perks of using it.

    Casey | http://enemakits.com.au/

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