Western Australia Holiday Journal Archive

For those that haven’t noticed I have updated my Western Australia Holiday Journal with brand new pictures and re-edited postings. Western Australia is a fabulous place to visit and hopefully this journal inspires others to take a trip there.

Map of Western Australia

  1. Introduction to Western Australia Journey
  2. A Journey Through the Pinnacles Desert
  3. Along the Batavia Coast
  4. Hiking in the Kalbarri
  5. Arrival at Shark Bay and Monkey Mia
  6. Sailing on Shark Bay
  7. Sights Around Shark Bay
  8. Shell Beach
  9. In Search of Stromatolites at Hamelin Pool
  10. South to Perth
  11. Catching a Wave at Wave Rock
  12. Across the Wheat Belt
  13. Hiking the Stirling Ranges
  14. Video of the Stirling Ranges
  15. The ANZACs of Albany
  16. Traveling to Denmark
  17. Walking Among Giants
  18. A Walk Through the Ancient Empire
  19. Exploring the Logging Past of Pemberton
  20. Climbing the Mighty Gloucester Tree
  21. Scenic Cape Leeuwin
  22. Beautiful Margaret River
  23. Cave Exploring in WA
  24. From Perth on the Indian-Pacific
  25. A Night in Kalgoorlie
  26. The Nullarbor Plain
  27. A Town Like Cook
  28. The End of the Rails
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3 Responses to Western Australia Holiday Journal Archive

  1. barbara says:

    Hi Dobbs, i have noticed that you have not been to tasmania yet. I think you would enjoy it as you have a liking for the victorian mountains. Places like cradle mountain and the south west part of tasmania are good bushwalking areas and are untouched wilderness.

  2. Dobbs says:

    Barbara, thanks for visiting the site. I definitely plan on getting over to Tasmania at some point. It looks like quite a spectacular place.

  3. Clifford Ingram says:

    Hello. My name is Clifford Ingram. I live in Redding, California in the United States. I was wondering if there is a way for me to be a firefighter in Australia for a season or more. I would like to know how to explore this. I really want to experience other cultures and would love to visit Australia. I don’t really know where to start research in this and was hoping you could help me with some information. Thank you for your time.


    Clifford Ingram

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